Brightworths School of Magic

For Young Witches and Wizards

Do you have a young Witch or Wizard? Brightworth’s are opening their doors this Halloween to welcome a new class into their School of Magic.

Every day from the 27th October – 2nd November 2024, Hedingham Castle will be host to budding Wizard’s and Witches who wish to enrol at Brightworth’s School of Magic. The magical doors will open twice each day, morning 10.30am to 1pm and in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 4pm. (Some times may vary)

You will meet the Brightworth teachers to learn and take part in their specialist subjects; from Magic Wands to Potions and Enchanted Animals to Mystical Spells.

The entire event happens inside our Magical Academy, so no need to worry about the weather. Costumes are allowed, sorcery themed outfits encouraged! Brightworth’s Magic School is aimed at ages 3 to 10 – but older kids and parents may just learn a spell or two too!

Brightworths School of Magic

What will happen on the day?


Castle Hedingham

Entry into the Castle Keep

Set in the stunning Castle Hedingham and grounds, Brightworth’s School of Magic uses the entire Castle Keep. Tea, coffee and snacks are available on the middle floor, with the rest of the castle available for you and your little Witches and Wizards to explore.

After your introduction you will have 2 hours to explore the castle and complete the activities, don’t worry as there is plenty of time to do everything Brightworth’s has to offer.


Magical Animals

Owls, toads, turtles and more!

Come and meet our very special animals and hear about what role they have to play in the wizarding world. Under supervision from our Wizards you will be able to hold and handle the creatures, want a spider in the palm of your hand? Or a reptile on your shoulder? Just ask!

With talks happening throughout the day, explore the animals or wait for our resident Animal Handler to tell you about how Bert was turned into a Guinea Pig, or how we use the warts from toads in our potions.


Potions Workshop

Prof. Greenbottom's Famous Potions

Do you know how to make Dragon’s Toothpaste? How about turning water invisible? Surely you have made ogre snot before? Join Professor Greenbottom in our basement laboratory and get hands on with his famous potions.

With lots of safe potions to see, stir and conjure up, Greenbottoms class is always a favourite with our new Brightworth students.


Magic Wands

Your own custom magic wand

Every young witch or wizard needs a wand, join our teachers in creating your own special wand to suit your own magic style. Our wand masters are on hand to help you decorate them using glitter, feathers and more.

Once your wands are ready (or if you want to get straight to it) swish your wand as you learn to cast spells under the supervision of our brilliant spell masters.


Spells Class *new*

Help Brightworth's best wizard with his spells

Learn some traditional wand spells from Brightworth’s best spell caster. They may even need your help to cast their biggest spell ever!

Little spell casters keep your eyes open, you may need to learn some new spells as there may be an unwelcome wizard roaming the school! Grab your wand and help send him away!

Event Details

Ticket Prices

Witch & Wizard Prices

Child Ticket

Ticket for children between 3 and 14 years


Adult Ticket

Ticket for any persons over 15 years


Under 3's

Ticket for children under 3 years



What is included?

2+ Hour Magic School

Geared towards 3-14 year olds, enter our magical world and meet our teachers.

Entry into Hedingham Castle

Explore the Castle, scheduled and open activities take place on every floor.

Magic Wand

Every child is given a magic wand to keep, they can even decorate them.

Enchanted Animals

Magical creatures great and small, many of which can be handled.

Potion and Magic Classes

Interactive classes with our teachers learning about spells, potions and magic.

School Certificate

Get your report card stamped by each teacher and earn your Magic School Certificate.

Where to find us

Hedingham Castle

We are located at Hedingham Castle, Castle Hedingham, Halstead CO9 3DJ


What you had to say

“I just wanted to say thank you. We literally had the most amazing day today. The venue was beautiful and all the shows/activities were so well planned out, it did not feel overcrowded or rushed at all. A special hats off to every single member of staff that we came across today, as they made our day so special and magical x”


Yvonne D

“Brightworths was a fantastic school of magic and fun. I have children ages 9,6 and 3 – all had lots of fun making potions, decorating wands, flying on broomsticks, seeing the magical creatures. Amazing teachers and headmistress – very lucky to have been able to attend! Worth every penny and they bought school emblem patches to add to their Harry Potter gowns! They all felt very much part of the day and the wonder of it all!”


Shelly G

“My children and niece had the most amazing experience I can’t shout out about it enough highly recommend the Witch and Wizard School”


Natalie W

“What an amazing day! My little Witches and Wizards 5 and 6 loved everything at the Magic School! Wand decorating and the magical creatures were the favourites (mummy even held  a tarantula! the animal staff were fantastic) We left with our certificate, completed diaries and magic wands. Can’t wait for next year!


Debbie S

“Hello we came along for one of your events in October which I must say were just brilliant!”


Amy D

“My two children had such a fantastic time at the magic school. They struggle getting involved with activities and get overwhelmed very quickly, but they were so happy they took part in every activity and did not want to leave. The staff were excellent and couldn’t have been more helpful”


Jane P

“What a fantastic event, the staff were so so helpful, when we lost a wand they found another one and took the time to take my daughter back to the craft area to decorate it again, she felt very special”


Jenny H

“My daughter loved it, she got a lot of praise for her costume which made her day!


Ben H