Founding Fairies and Troublesome Trolls

For Young Fairies, Trolls, Witches & Wizards

Do you have a young Fairy or Troll? How about a Witch or Wizard? When the Brightworth’s School of Magic teachers are away, the Fairies and Trolls keep things running smoothly… most of the time!

On select days from this April Half Term from the 15th April, Hedingham Castle will open its magical doors for everyone to meet the Founding Fairies and Troublesome Trolls.

You will take part in their specialist activities; from troll anatomy to crafting fairy houses. We also need your help to find the magical crystals within the grounds of the castle before the fairy catcher does. You may even have to wake a sleeping Ogre! The doors will open twice each day, morning 10.30am to 1pm and in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 4pm. The entire event lasts around 2 and a half hours.

The event is aimed at children from the age of 4 up to the age of 12, although older children can still attend.

Founding Fairies and Troublesome Trolls

What will happen on the day?


Castle Hedingham

Entry into the Castle Keep

Set in the stunning Castle Hedingham and grounds, Brightworth’s School of Magic uses the entire Castle Keep. Tea, coffee and snacks are available on the middle floor, with the rest of the castle available for you and your little Witches and Wizards to explore.

After your introduction you will have 2 hours to explore the castle and complete the activities, don’t worry as there is plenty of time to do everything Brightworth’s has to offer.


Fairy Finding

Find the Crystals before the Fairy Catcher

A dastardly Fairy Catcher and his assistant have been spotted near the castle. He is on the hunt for fairies and their magical crystals, visit his tent and see if you can throw him off the trail. Using your special map make sure you find them before he does!

Exploring the grounds of the castle you will need to look high and low for the magical crystals and fairy houses, special fairy magic even makes the crystals glow! Although you may have to wake a sleeping ogre to find them all!


Troll Trumps Workshop

Stinky Troll Facts

Those trolls are trouble! Under the supervision of our head troll scientist you will learn about troll anatomy and some stinky troll facts, things could get very… explosive!

Miss Melly will also be showing you a troll hairdryer and demonstrating some troll beauty tips.


Fairy Craft

Your own custom magic wand

Fairies love trees and rocks, but nothing is as special as their very own fairy house. With the help of the Founding Fairies craft your very own fairy house to take home and put in your garden.

Decorate the houses with paint pens, and paint brushes, you my even attact your very own fairy to live in your garden!


Fairy & Troll History

Fun and interactive history!

Where do Fairies and Trolls come from? Our Brightworth teachers are on hand to answer your questions and teach you all about Fairies and Trolls with some fun interactive experiments!

Did you know that a trolls eyeballs grow back? Or that fairy dust feels like sand? Learn other fun facts and get hands on touching some magical objects from the Brightworth vaults!

Event Details

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices

Child Ticket

Ticket for children between 2 and 14 years


Adult Ticket

Ticket for any persons over 15 years


Under 2's

Ticket for children under 2 years



What is included?

2+ Hour Magic School

Geared towards 4-12 year olds, enter our magical world to meet our fairies, trolls and teachers.

Entry into Hedingham Castle

Explore the Castle, scheduled and open activities take place on every floor.

Fairy Craft

Every child is able to decorate a fairy house ceramic plant pot to keep.

Fairy Finding

Search the castle grounds for fairy crystals to stop the fairy catcher.

Troll and Fairy Classes

Interactive classes with our teachers learning about fairies, trolls and magic.

Fairy Finding Map

A special fairy finding map with information about all of your classes and activities.

Where to find us

Hedingham Castle

We are located at Hedingham Castle, Castle Hedingham, Halstead CO9 3DJ

Brightworths School of Magic

Hedingham Castle, Halstead CO9 3DJ

Sunday 21st October – Friday 26th October

10.30am – 1pm / 1.30pm – 4pm

Reservation / Enquiry Email Address:

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